What payment gateways do you support?

Stripe & PayPal can both be connected inside your account.

I have a website already. Can I use Tech By Tola Funnels?

Absolutely! Listen, if you have a beautiful WordPress site, don’t be silly and make more work for yourself. Leave it where it is. You’re still saving a ton of money by using Tech By Tola for all the other capabilities, and you can synchronize your forms, webchat, calendars, and funnels right into your existing website with no problem.

Why would I move to Tech By Tola if I’m already set up on another system?

Well, for one - most other systems do not let you have full control of your email sending. They wrap it up in the price (*cough cough* Kajabi) which means you don’t get to increase deliverability with your own autonomous control. We let you build unlimited automations and you can connect any SMTP you want for powered email sending. You won’t find better deliverability elsewhere.

Secondly, we have NO limits on the number of contacts, domains, pages, courses, automations, pipelines, etc. None. This means we get to grow with you.

Third, having tried every other software out there, for us and our clients, we’ve never seen anything as good as Tech By Tola.

Are you using High Level?

Yes. To build a brand new software from the ground up would cost over $2M dollars and at least a few years of time. So instead of re-inventing the wheel, we found the best wheel we could find and poured our heart and soul into it.

The High Level development team has been supporting over 10,000 private-label customers over the past two years, and we’ve partnered with them directly for our specific customer needs.

That means you have:

OUR Designs

OUR Education

OUR Infrastructure

...and enterprise-level HL software is the silent engine in the backend doing all the heavy lifting of development, so we can do what we do best... help you grow!

What if I need personalized support and help?

Technology is not everyone's forte, and we want to make sure you have access to all the services you need. In addition to our free 24/7 support, we also have an entire team at Tola Marketing ready to serve you. Our prices are upfront and reasonable; we are here to assist you with anything - from setting up your business on the platform for you (and teaching you how to use it) - to managing it for you!

(508) 622-5908

(508) 622-5908


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